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Buffing a Car
Paint Correction 

Paint correction is the process where compounds and polishes are used to level scratches

Paint Enhancement 

  • Clay bar treatment

  • Paint enhancement

  • Wax/ Sealant 

    • S-$120 M-$180 L-$240

Headlight Restoration
  • Wet sand Headlights

  • Cutting Stage 

  • Polishing stage 

  • Ceramic Coating 3D Ceramic coating 

    • Price may vary ​

1- Step Paint Correction
2-Step Paint Correction
  • Clay bar Treatment

  • Polishing stage 

  • Wax/Sealant(Ceramic coating recommended) 

    • S-​$170 M-$230 L-$300

  • Clay bar Treatment

  • Cutting stage 

  • Polishing stage

  • Wax/Sealant (Ceramic Coating highly recommended)

    • 500+ Price will vary

Scratch Removal 
  • Wet sand 

  • Cutting stage 

  • Polishing Stage 

  • Wax/Sealant 

    • Price may vary 

**Paint measurements will be taken prior to any Paint Correction done on paint**

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